Nine-to-six? nah, it's work and play!


Churning of creative juices in progress. Check out what we have been working on (or... playing with)! 


Believe it or not, it is possible to work and have fun at the same time.

We know it because we live it.

Since 2017, our team of multidisciplinary creatives have enjoyed creating for a diversity of work that encompasses

Art and Design, Digital Business Strategies, and Event Curation and Planning.


Our game plan is created from the desire to inject fun and playful experimental art into design briefs.


The playhouse is a place where work and play entwine together to create avant-garde productions.


You will need a game master for your game plan. We customise our services to our clients’ needs and wants.

From consulting to planning to designing, we are your playmates strategising together to win. We play the game

according to your rules, but let’s make the game an entertaining one!


Here at Playgroup, we work with clients from various backgrounds. From F&B, Health, Lifestyle, Governments, Arts

to many other different companies, we reach out to any and almost everyone to provide the best service, packed with quality punch!

... and more!